Family History/Genealogy what's the difference?


Genealogy - an old hobby - is wonderfully supported by computers and the Internet. Many new genealogists do not remember a time when they didn't use a computer for their genealogy. However, many others are just beginning to use their personal computer, or are just now considering genealogical software applications.

The right software can help you to;

  • Organize your information
  • Make it easier to add (or delete) ancestors without having to redo everything
  • Sort and search data, finding particular individuals by name, date or other identifiers
  • Cut down on duplication of entries/information
  • Locate and keep in touch with cousins and other researchers.
  • Help identify¬† and avoid potential errors (Joanne Keenan didn't really have a child 10 years after she died, did she?)
  • Compile and print a variety of reports
  • Create beautiful charts
  • Keep track of completed research
  • Focus and project where your research should go next

There are dozens of different types of genealogical programs and applications available. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Some are easy to learn; others are difficult. About the only thing all experienced genealogists who use computers agree on is that there is no one program that will do everything for everyone.

Genealogy programs will help you keep track of your ancestry. There are a variety of programs available for the different computers or cloud based via the internet. How do you know which one will serve your purposes?

  • Compare features
  • Read the reviews and comments by others
  • Download and test free demo

Among the best and most popular genealogy software programs (in alphabetical order, not ranking) are the following:

  • Brother's Keeper Family Tree Maker
  • Family Tree Maker


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