John and Jessie Smeal

Smeal family treeIn 1844 John and Janet Smeal arrived in Australia from Edinburgh, Scotland. They brought with them their children Margaret, James, Joseph, Jessie, John and Euphemia.

Margaret and Joseph were immediately indentured as house servant and boot boy to Captain Ashmore in Sydney. Margaret was 15, Joseph was 9.  From all reports Captain Ashmore was a kind master. He was a well known person in Sydney.  Ashmore Reef is named after him.  How long Margaret and Joseph stayed with him is not known.

John, Janet and the other children left that day and travelled by dray to Marshall Mount, to the property of Henry Osborne, to work as shepherds and farmhands. Janet was to be housekeeper. In 1844 Janet gave birth to Robert, but he died shortly afterwards.

In 1855 Joseph married Fanny Stubbs. He worked as a boat builder in Balmain and died at age 31, of an obstruction of the bowel. Frances lived until she was 81.

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