Edmund Collins

Ned Collins - Highwayman and convict.

At the Northamptonshire Assizes in 1835 Edmund Collins, aged 18, was sentenced to death, along with 2 other men, for highway robbery.  They had been charged and found guilty of the felonious assault of Joseph York on the King's highway in the parish of Dodford, stealing three sovereigns and 15 shillings in silver. 

Later the sentence was commuted to transportation for 14 years.  The three men were at first incarcerated aboard the hulk Leviathan at Portsmouth. The Leviathan is well documented and this report was made at a time when Ned was on board in 1838.

They were transported aboard the Recovery, arriving in 1837.  His progress can be traced through the documentation and convict records. 

1. Assizes notices in the Northampton Mercury

     Death sentence

    Commuted to transportation

2. Vessel reports

3.  Convict Records

    Convict Musters - Ned was assigned to Government work in Sydney

    Convict permissions to marry

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