Edward - the printer of Preston

When Edward Ambler was born on August 11, 1820, in Preston, England, his father, Charles, was 42 and his mother, Mary, was 33.  Edward, according to the various Census' during his lifetime, was a printer and stationer, living all of his life in Preston. Edward Ambler trained as a printer, working with Mr Walker at the Town Hall corner and in Manchester, before returning to Preston to establish his own business. The 1851 census lists a 30 year old Edward as a 'Printer Compositor' residing at 116 Hudson Street, Preston.

In the 1840s,  Edward married for the first time and had two children, both daughters, with Margaret Smith in 1847.  Margaret died in 1849, probably in childbirth. The infant, also called Margaret, died a few months after her mother.  He then married Grace McCutcheon.  Grace was born in Scotland. Her records are yet to be found.  The 1861 census also finds Edward and his young family in premises at Stanley Buildings, Lancaster Road, Preston. They had seven children together between 1852 and 1862. The business continued to grow and by 1861 Edward, a 'printer and stationer' was employing 3 apprentices. 

Edward was an influential person in Preston.  He was a member of the Board of Guardians and of a number of business organisations, including the Guild.  He seems to have a strong sense of justice and when the Spinner's Strike was in progress in the 1840s took a strong stand against the police practice of placing 'spies' dressed as workers in the ranks of the spinners. 

He was strongly Liberal in his politics and had much to say regarding the treatment of orphans in the orphanage. He was a magistrate and a Registrar of Births Marriages and Deaths.

The business appears to have remained on Lancaster Road for at least until Edward's death in 1887 aged 67. Edward's sons were also trained as printers and the business was carried on by his son, also named Edward. It is not clear when the company was wound up.

He died on October 27, 1887, in Preston, England, at the age of 67. He left an estate of close to two thousand pounds, which in those days when a considerable sum of money.

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